CG Generalist VFX/Tool Dev/Pipeline.

Let me introduce myself a bit. I grew up in Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, then went to France for college where I got my bachelor in Graphic and Web Design (School: ECOLE DE CONDE) and my master in Digital Directing (school: SUPINFOCOM / MOPA). 

I’ve been working in a French company for the last six years as CG generalist and Technical Director, where I’ve been assigned to no less than 50 projects such as architecture films, packshots for games, games trailers, animated web series, commercials and motion design.

I’m a CG generalist but I like to focus on VFX, tool dev and pipeline. I love these tasks in particular because it requires to understand how things works, to study them carefully. And in those field scripting allow me to push back the limits that could occur.