Hi Everybody,

A useful script if you have a lot of files to import in a unique scene !

What you can do :

  • You can choose between multiple file types
  • You can choose subfolder scanning
  • It automatically create a layer for each imported file
  • Layers are named from the imported filename

Coming soon:

  • The same function but using Merge instead of Import
    (Useful for merging multiple ".max" files)

Hi Guys,

A new script i made to organize my works !

This little baby is similar to the 3dsMax project folder, except that it creates a folder pipeline based on those used in famous studios.
I added few folders for project management, client sources, etc...

Such as Project Folder, it redirect all the max path to the directory you chose. If the directories and ".mxp" file already exists, the script use those to redirect all the paths. 


Hi Fellas,

A little script to create a Camera Crane Rigg.

It seems that few studios use rigg like this to animate cameras !
I took a look at few videos presenting real camera crane and try to reproduce the constraints of it.

All the parameters are set in the Master Point BaseObject rollout.

Here you can set :

  • The length of the crane arm
  • The horizontal and vertical rotation of the crane arm
  • The horizontal and vertical rotation of the camera
  • And a beta targeting system

Hi Fellas,

A new tool useful for those who often use VrayDome Light with a VrayHDRI texmap pluged-in.

You simply locate the HDR map on your computer, and the script generate a VrayDome light with your HDR file. The HDR is also display in the viewport and you can rotate it by rotating the VrayDome light.

There is an additional parameter on the VrayDome light that allows you to enabled or disabled the HDR in the viewport.


Dear friends,

A new tool i made to fastly check up scene, and render parameters.
You have forgotten to unckeck render region ? You have rendered the wrong camera ? Damn that's the wrong frame rate !!! Never miss anything with DiagnoScene. With 3 levels of colors indicating 3 levels of warnings it's easy to find bad parameters !

Here is the check list:

  • Render Output
  • Frame Rate
  • Region Render
  • Gi
  • Save RGB (Vray)
  • Save Path (Vray)
  • Active Camera
  • Paging
  • Max Save File
  • Max Gamma
  • Max Gamma Affect Color Selectors
  • Max Gamma Affect Material Editor
  • Vray Gamma
  • Vray Sub-Pixel Mapping
  • Vray Clamp
  • Vray Probalistic Light
  • Render Elements
  • Timers
  • Missing Textures
  • Unwraps
  • Bucket Size
  • Exposure Control
  • Render Mask (Vray)
  • Previous Render (Vray)